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Leading Innovation

For the past years, Bright Future is involved in the cutting edge IT projects. From social analysis and big data, to blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, we stay on top of innovation.

Expert Skills

Bright Future team consists of experts in their fields. Our unique organisational structure enables us to easily scale and successfully challenege even the most demanding projects.

Unmatched Experience

Bright Future has developed and maintained many different types of projects, from different fields, technologies and environments. We believe there is no project we cannot handle.

Secure Portal

For PZU Group we created a secure web application to manage regulatory communication with clients, successfully audited by the PZU Security Department.


For a company from the scanning sector we created an advanced ordering panel for the spatial and structural measurement service.

Azure Ideas

For Microsoft we developed and maintained an online competition platform, with successfull editions in Turkey, South Africa, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

Azure Boxes

For Microsoft we created a multilingual web platform showcasing the capabilities of Azure Cloud via extensive tutorials.

Openness Ideas

For Microsoft we developed and maintained an online competition platform promoting Open Source initiatives in Poland that attracted sevelar key market infliencers.

eCommerce Success Kit

For Microsoft we created an online conversion page combining the promotion of Azure for eCommerce and webinars with a market influcener.

Working Dreamers

For Seven Circles Group we created and maintain an online platform empowering social projects that cooperates with world organisations like United Nations, and regional influencers.


For Cloud in Health Advisory Council we created an online website with built-in content management system.

Social Media

We are managing a multi-year effort for Microsoft to expand their open source initiative through social media channels. For Orange and T-mobile we executed brand building processes.

Customer Engagement

For companies like DeLonghi or Microsoft we identified potential key clients and executed sales processes through direct social media activities.

Market Intelligence

For companies like Microsoft or Hewlett-Packard we created many market researches, analysing business value of events, publications, influecners, or optimising marketing and sales process.

Who We Are

Digital Specialists

For the last 14 years Bright Future has advised on, trained in and implemented solutions that help succeed in business.

By linking advanced technology, social media and behavioral psychology, we created a unique offer to help you achieve your goals faster, easier and with better outcome.


Words From Our Clients

  • "Always delivering quality campaigns"

    I worked with Bright Future while promoting Microsoft Azure to ISVs. They were always delivering quality campaigns and improving on the past experience. Bright Future was able to optimise an existing campaign to outperform our benchmark.

    Martin Konecny

    CEE ISV Breadth Lead at Microsoft
  • "Deliver results in required timeframe"

    Bright Future executed various campaigns targeting the open source audience. Each time, they were eager to use innovative approaches, analyse and optimize the campaigns and deliver results in required timeframe. Every campaign they have done achieved great results and often beat internal benchmarks by a mile.

    Łukasz Foks

    CEE Open Source Solutions Lead at Microsoft
  • "Won the Best Microsoft CEE Campaign award"

    Bright Future has been a key for success in one of our regional campaigns. I have worked with many agencies all across Central-Eastern Europe and I consider them a top tier one, where every trick is used in the book in order to reach the campaign targets. Oh, and that campaign won The Best Microsoft CEE Campaign award in that fiscal year :).

    Pal Orosz

    SMB Marketing Lead at Microsoft
  • "Use the social web to your competitive advantage"

    Bright Future seminars are a wake-up call for any executive who thinks that social media doesn’t matter to their business. „Economy of Attent!on” is a powerful playbook for using the social web to your competitive advantage. I found it particularly interesting to learn new ways to predict customer needs.

    Jarosław Kępkowicz

    Director of Convergent Service Implementation at Orange Polska
  • "Possibility to examine and practice social media"

    The 1-to-1 workshop gave me the possibility to examine and practice social media in the most condensed and useful form. Dominika not only presented the possibilities to me, but together with me enhanced my online presence. I recommend Bright Future for similar trainings.

    Marek Grabowski

    Sales and Customer Care Strategy Director at Orange Polska
  • "Learn how the social technologies can help inside the company"

    „Economy of Attent!on” was a unique seminar in that it showed how to harness the talent and resources of employees using social media, and convert that to real results. It was inspiring to learn how the social technologies can help inside the company, and not just the usual way, outside, in reputation and branding.

    Andrzej Kotfis

    Shops Director at Orange Polska
  • "My key clients were impressed"

    Thanks to Bright Future expertise I was able to organize a series of fascinating seminars about the future of social media and how it’s essential in modern sales & marketing strategies. If you want to convince your clients or top management to embrace and benefit from social media, I really recommend Bright Future for this task.

    Jakub Uznański

    Senior Key Account Manager at Sony Poland
  • "Gives many recipes for trade-marketing in a modern company"

    I found the seminars of „Economy of Attent!on” to be an interesting combination of Dominika’s deep knowledge of the social web and Slawek’s years of managerial experience. Knowing the vast possibilities of Social Media and the Web 2.0, Bright Future gives many recipes for trade-marketing in a modern company.

    Przemysław Ochał

    Sales Support Director at Orange Polska
  • "Solutions that increase sales team efficiency"

    For more than 2 years Bright Future has been developing for us solutions that increase sales team efficiency. I especially value the professionalism and openness of the Project Leader, and his ability to effectively communicate with all the people involved in the ongoing projects.

    Artur Zarzycki

    Head of Sales Support Team at PZU Życie SA
  • "Source of unique ideas for increasing sales efficiency"

    „Economy of Attent!on” seminar organized by Bright Future is a source of unique ideas for increasing sales efficiency. I recommend it to everyone who wants to shift from using social networks as just another marketing communication channel, to using social media for generating sales opportunities.

    Piotr Jarosz

    Sales Development Director at Orange Polska

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